Saskatchewan's Largest & Longest Running Haunted Attraction is back for its 12th year!!

With the unbelievable following the Shock House has in Saskatchewan, Al decided to add a second location in 2016.

Yorkton, Sask will now be able to enjoy this event in their city and they are quite ecstatic about it!!!

Also after having one season in Moose Jaw, the flagship Shock House will be back in Regina for 2016

Al is trying something different in Regina this year as well. Here's how Shock House 2 will work.

At the end of the Shock House there will now be a continuation into the Shock House 2 Haunt. At the end of the Shock House, your wristbands will be checked, if you bought SH2 bands, you will continue on into the SH2 Haunt.

SH2 is far smaller then SH, but cost to see it is only $5 extra.

You are able to buy Shock House tickets, Shock House 2 tickets and Speed Pass tickets.

You can not just buy tickets for SH2, they are an add-on to the Shock House purchase. If you buy the SH & SH2 combo, you can go through both. If you buy a Speed Pass, you can get to the front or near the front of the line and go through both SH & SH2. ( See the "Tickets" page for Pricing )